A club in Donostia that only accepts male members hosts an ultra-right act against the peace process in Euskadi

The veteran Francoist alvaro romero will travel this month to enemy territory. Your destination, for a few hours, will be Donostia. “This has been a war, whoever wants to understand it in another way is deceiving himself. It was a war between the Basque Country against Spain, unfortunately today Euskadi has won,” he said a few days ago while speaking with Jesus Longueiraa national policeman who has written a book on ETA.

Romero and Longueira will not be alone in San Sebastian territory. he will accompany you Martin Saenz de Ynestrillasa Falangist businessman who led a far-right candidacy in 2019 and who has written the prologue to that book, a work entitled ETA, neither forget nor forgive. The three will go to Donostia to present that book and vindicate the story of the extreme right about the end of violence.

The place chosen for the ceremony is the Cantabrian Club, a distinguished private entity historically linked to the city’s aristocracy. Founded in 1891, the club remains firm in the decision not to accept members. According to its statutes, only “men” who are admitted by the board of directors “can be members of the club”.

A report of Emakunde (Basque Women’s Institute) identifies the Club Cantábrico as one of the “gastronomic societies” that “do not accept women in their tamborradas” – alluding to the main popular festival in Donostia – “and that do not accept them as members either”.

Against the Law of Memory

The club’s agenda does not include, for the moment, the far-right act on the 23rd, which has already been announced through social networks by Martin Saenz de Ynestrillas, former candidate of the Spanish Falange of the JONS and of the ADÑ coalition. His father, the military Ricardo Ynestrillaswas assassinated by ETA in June 1986.

In the prologue to the book that will be presented in Donostia, Martín Ynestrillas attacks the “miserable, nefarious, revengeful, false and scoundrel Law of Democratic Memory, flagship of the generation of hate commanded by Pedro Sanchez“. It also names the representatives of EH Bildu as “heirs of ETA” and calls the members of ERC “criminals”.

The event is also on the agenda of SND Editors, responsible for the publication of this book on ETA. “In this case, the importance is double, since the act is carried out in the cradle of the terrorist band,” the review states.


A few days ago, the Francoist alvaro romero interviewed the author of the book in ÑTV. He did it in his capacity as the presenter of a talk space in that far-right medium, and also as manager of SND. This publishing house already accumulates a long list of works exalting the Franco dictatorship and its main leaders.

During the talk in ÑTVLongueira – who was presented as “national police since 1991” – called the dictator “generalissimo” Francisco Franco and defended that the general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, “I would have to stay in jail.” “Do not be surprised that we end up seeing him as lehendakari,” said the agent.

For his part, Romero placed ETA directly in La Moncloa. “Today we are governed by those who planted the bombs on us,” she said. “Indignation, there is no other word to define it,” the national police officer added shortly after when the interviewer asked him if he agreed with his statements.

“Euskadi against Spain”

“This is not revenge, this is justice,” said the Francoist presenter in another section of the interview, in which he referred to the Basque conflict on two occasions as a matter of “war” between “Euskadi and Spain”.

Romero also defined himself as a “victim of terrorism”, despite admitting that he had not suffered it himself. “I have not had a brush with terrorism beyond that of every day, all Spaniards,” he said. “The victims are not only those who have lost a family member…we are all the victims,” ​​he remarked.

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