A beauty queen and a Netflix princess, witnesses of the war in Israel

The war launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against Hamas after the October 7 terrorist attack is not made only of combat with tanks and pumps: You also fight with the support of celebrities, such as beauty queen Iraqi and the Jewish princess of Netflix who arrived in the country in recent days.

The rise of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel events and demonstrations that have occurred around the world since the October invasion, which left 1,200 dead and dozens kidnapped, is demanding a strong reaction in the field of public relations.

A few days after the attack, leaders such as the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, landed in Israel to express their solidarity.

Since then, invited on many occasions by pro-Israel non-profit organizations, many celebrities have arrived, from the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy in mid-October to the American comedian Jerry Seinfeld in December.

They all had the opportunity to meet with relatives of the hostages held by Hamas and some even They ventured into Gaza territory to salute Israeli troops, like American actress Debra Messing.

An unlikely character also crossed the Palestinian enclave, the American businesswoman, born in Moscow, Julia Haart, famous for her reality show My Unorthodox Life.

The program rode the wave created by the miniseries Unorthodoxstarring Israeli actress Shira Haaswhich tells the story of a young woman who leaves her ultra-religious community and ventures into the secular world, with its corresponding culture shock.

Haart does something similar, but in a much lighter tone and around her luxurious life as a mother and entrepreneur in the fashion sector.

Despite the lightness of its television characterJulia could be seen, with her helmet and bulletproof vest, fearlessly venturing into the Gaza Strip, recording with her cell phone amidst the gunfire.

A young woman appears in the video Israeli army captain who protects the “guest” celebrity and takes a few minutes to explain the situation.

The Netflix star then accompanies the soldiers to one of the houses captured by IDF troops.

“I’m standing on the terrace of a house (in Gaza) where kids, a family, lived,” says Haart. Do you know what else there was? Weapons, guns, missiles,” the businesswoman responds.

Julia was interviewed by several Israeli media. During a television note, she harshly targeted feminist organizations that forgot to express their repudiation of the sexual assaults suffered by Hamas victims during the October 7 attack.

“Whoever supports Hamas supports a group that says that women have to have a lot of babies from adolescence, without any autonomy” from men,” the designer protested.

The issue of attacks on women and the state of the female population in the most extremist Muslim countries is a central element in the speech of another famous person who visited Israelin the same days that Haart passed through the country.

A beauty queen and a Netflix princess, witnesses of the war in Israel
Sarah at the White House for the signing of the Abraham Accords, in 2020 (Photo: instagram.com/sarahidan)

This is an old acquaintance, Sarah Idan, the former Iraqi beauty queen whose image exploded virally in 2017 when she participated in the Miss Universe in Las Vegas. Sarah had no better idea than to take a selfie with his colleague from Israel, Adar Gandelsman.

The photo, a gesture full of tenderness and hope, became a sentence for Sarah, who was left in the middle of a cataract of hatred from Iraq and other Arab countries and had to leave Baghdad with his family.

Idan now lives in the United States and even launched a race for the North American Congress. She is a firm supporter of Israel and finally arrived to see first-hand the marks left by the cruelties committed on 7/10 by Hamas agents.

At the end of December, Sarah visited Kibbutz Kfar Azanear the border with the Palestinian territory that was governed by Hamas and one of the main targets of the attack.

“A place where the heartbreaking horror of Hamas infiltration “It ended in a massacre of innocent Israeli families in their own homes,” the former beauty queen described.

Sarah confessed that she was “shocked and speechless” at the signs of the Islamist group’s violence. “Never in my life, even in the midst of the terror of ISIS, have I seen such atrocity: what was once a vibrant community now resonates with an eerie silence of tragedy,” she commented on Instagram.

Sarah was also interviewed by the Israeli press and shared photographs of their journeys through social networks.

A beauty queen and a Netflix princess, witnesses of the war in Israel
Photo: via Instagram

“I don’t care what your religion is, if your God allows you to do this in his name, then your God is wrong,” he noted, for example, in a post on X, the network formerly known as Twitter.

“My mind is still traumatized by the scene (in Kfar Aza), the smell of the corpses: shame for those who pretend that the massacre did not happen,” protested the former beauty queen.

Idan made it clear a while ago that It’s not just a pretty face. In fact, many weeks before the New York Times dedicated a much-discussed report to the sexual assaults by Hamas during the 7/10 attack, Sarah clearly explained the roots of that hatred.

Just hours after the invasion, Sarah commented on Instagram the images that showed the sad end of Shani Louk, the young German-Israeli tattoo artist kidnapped by Hamas and whose destroyed body was displayed on the floor of a van that toured Gaza.

Watching the video with a friend, “we knew exactly why” The militants of the Palestinian group were cruel to Shani and so many other women.

“Because we know what Islamists are like in our culture: they immediately dehumanize any woman who dares to show any skin,” Idan explained at the time.

The activist now pointed out that she traveled to Israel because “I want them to see the horror” that the war in Gaza caused. And she stressed that “killing innocent families and burning them alive It is not liberating Palestine“It’s terrorism.”

* Published in Israeleconomico.com

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