64% of Spanish households modify the use they make of electrical appliances due to energy prices

MADRID, July 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

The Spanish people not only have changed their habits of using household appliances at home, but also pay attention to energy efficiency due to inflation and the increase in electricity prices.

This is reflected in the results of the study ‘Sustainable habits in the kitchen in Spain’ carried out by Beko, in which 64 percent of those interviewed have changed their habits in relation to the use of electrical appliances since energy prices began to rise. increase.

According to the results of more than 1,500 surveys conducted nationwide, the most common change in habits has been adapt the time of use of household appliances according to the price list (51%), while 34 percent have opted for use less some appliances and 11 percent for make proper use of them.

The oven is the appliance that seems to concern consumers the most in Spain (45% of those interviewed). They are followed by the washing machine (17%), the refrigerator (15%), the hob/cooker (12%), the dryer (7%) and the dishwasher (5%).

On the other hand, the use of energy saving programs it is more widespread in washing machines than in dishwashers. Three out of four households use these programs in washing machines (43% exclusively and 32% also using dishwashers). The most common saving programs are low-temperature washes with a short wash duration.

It also highlights that 85 percent of those interviewed declared pay “all or a lot of attention” to the energy efficiency of your appliances. This attention grows as the interviewee’s age increases and also among women (88%) and those with university studies (86%).

“The kitchen is probably one of the rooms in the home in which the greatest energy consumption occurs, so betting on habits and products that allow us to gain energy efficiency is key, especially in a context like the current one” says Manuel Royo , Marketing Director at Beko Iberia.

From Beko they point out that the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most, around 30 percent of the total consumption, being in operation 24 hours a day, followed by the washing machine. To save energy, which affects both the electricity bill and the environment, the company recommends looking for energy-efficient appliances, such as those from Class A or Bwhich can be complemented by modifying certain habits and actions from day to day.

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