5 practices to compensate for environmental damage

The term carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted directly or indirectly by a person, product, company or organization. There are government environmental policies that are generated constantly to keep the lung of the environment and improve the socio-productive network. Depending on the type of activity that measures the carbon footprint, can distinguish three types of carbon footprint: company carbon, product carbon and personal carbon.

It is possible to calculate it through traditional applications and calculations so the concept helps us measure in a simplified way the Emissions of greenhouse gases of human activities.

In it business world It is an increasingly well-known term, which also has national and European regulation. The application of solar panelsthe aerotechnics technology compensates part of those damages.

01-11_5 practices to compensate for environmental damage

And daily, with rroutines that correct our bad habits, repeated ancestrally, we can make a great contribution to the cause. With actions like these:

  • Use cleaning or beauty products that are labeled “eco-firendly”
  • Take baths with a fighter, not in bathtubs since they save an average of 7000 liters for each one.
  • Separate garbage into organic, plastic, glass and PET
  • Use pesticides for garden plants that are from natural domestic preparations.
  • Avoid buying bottled water when circulating daily, better use glass and refillable ones.

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