5 destinations with good silverside bite in spring

He follower of the silversides in Buenos Aires areas It is not limited to the winter season. In many cases, uses almost the entire year to go for them, alternating scenarios according to piscatorial yields. In this month of November, and when the thermometer begins to rise significantly, there are fishing boats to highlight, both for practicing the activity on board and from the shores.

The Carnations

Near La Madrid in the heart of the center of the province, This mirror was highlighted last weekend with a very good fishing on board, mode that is very firm. On the shore, little by little it is becoming active, the silverside is beginning to spawn and moves closer to the coast. By boat, as guide Maximiliano Rojas told us, they fish with a conventional line afloat, varying the depths depending on the winds. The largest weighed 980 grams on the scale, and the smallest weighed 450 grams. It is one of the mirrors that has been uncovered recently. Rojas, during this time of year, likes to enter early to take advantage of the cooler hours, then have lunch in the mountains, and enter again.

Large Salty

In Madariaga, this classic for the angler continues to maintain very good performances, On both Saturday and Sunday, those who entered left very satisfied. You have to lighten the tackle, small buoys like small hooks, Success lies in subtlety. Fishing with live mojarra, such as toothfish fillet and even silverside filet, worked well, with the most profitable descents being those regulated between 25 and 40 cm.



Another historical mirror that is still going through a good moment, as our guide friend and reference Martin Gaita tells us from Guamini. The bite is obtained both by anchoring and by crawling, the latter method being the best fishing, with quantity and quality. He took with lines of 15 to 30 cm, with live mojarra or toothfish fillet, which was what paid the most. On Sunday the wind blew stronger and forced us to seek refuge by fishing at anchor. It was not caught as well as the previous day, but it affected, as we said, the wind.


The Horcones

The weekend was very difficult to fish, especially on Sunday due to the wind that clouded the lagoon. Those that hit stung between 10 and 15 cm. He surrendered near the coast, looking for clean water. The bite was anchored with mojarra or toothfish fillet, always with buoys and small hooks. On Saturday, with better weather conditions, the bite was better. Good services on Paseo Los Horcones as well as at the San Nicolás Fishing Club, with a new concessionaire very recently.



Also known as San Lorenzo, this mirror of the closest ones for the Buenos Aires fisherman The silverside began to bite again. He lowered the water temperature and bites began to occur between 50 and 70 cm. On Saturday there was little wind, which meant that a lot of work had to be done. As the hours passed, he took higher. He doesn’t eat well, he makes mistakes a lot, said the guide Esteban Toffani, who knows the field like few others. With more wind, things were much easier on Sunday, although the depth of the bite was very variable. By choosing the fish the quota is made. The lagoon is around 80 cm in the middle, which is worrying for the future.


Five options to consider in the coming days, all areas that are low and need rain in the short term to ensure their future. Good chances for End the year fishing for silversides.

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