5.3 earthquake shakes Japan again as rescue efforts continue

An earthquake of Magnitude 5.3 struck Ishikawa Prefecture this Saturdaywhile search efforts continue in the same area for some 240 missing people due to the strong earthquake last Monday, whose death toll amounts to 98.

The new earthquake took place at 5:26 am, local time, this Saturday, with the epicenter about 10 kilometers deep on the Noto peninsulain the aforementioned prefecture of central Japan, according to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

After the 7.6 magnitude earthquake last Monday with its epicenter in this same area, the JMA has detected more than 1,030 tremors in the area with an intensity of at least 1 on the Japanese closed scale of 7 levels, which focuses on the destructive power of the tremor, and has warned of the risk of aftershocks of equal or greater intensity than the devastating earthquake.



Local authorities have not yet reported any new damage. caused by this Saturday’s earthquake, which reached level 5 on the Japanese scale, nor from additional interruptions in the rail or road transport networks.

Numerous infrastructures of this type continue to be damaged since last Monday’s earthquake, which is making search and rescue tasks difficult.
of missing people, as well as repairing damaged roads and buildings or transporting supplies for people affected by the disaster.

So far, 98 people have been confirmed dead due to the earthquake, according to data compiled by the state broadcaster NHK, while it is estimated that around 240 people are still missing.

It is feared that search and rescue tasks will be hampered by the heavy rains expected in Ishikawa prefecture between Saturday and Sunday, up to 30 millimeters, according to JMA forecasts.


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