47% of videos posted on Twitter show exciting content or elaborate on an event

MADRID, 8 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

He 47 percent of the videos uploaded to the social network Twitter in European countries in 2022 contained an exciting moment or delved into a specific event, Sony has learned.

The company has carried out a study with the aim of finding out what drives the participation of the current public, who frequently visit social networks although they are exposed to a large volume of visits.

To carry out this study, Sony has analyzed searches and social networks to identify the most interesting news in 2022 in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

Using Twitter as a reference, Sony has determined that the video content had more than 201 million views and more than 8.6 million interactions (total number of posts shared, likes, and comments) on the platform.

To show the conclusions of its study, the technological manufacturer presents a division of different main categories, with which it distinguishes current consumption characteristics of videos of each one.

Regarding creators, Sony determines that user-generated content (UGC) represented a higher proportion (39%) of the results than those produced by traditional media (30%).

Despite this difference, the results of the study determine that the content shared from official sources came mostly (48%) from traditional media, such as news.

At the follower level, Sony concludes that the number of followers who shared high-engagement news ranged from 95 to 51.4 million, indicating that once a video gains popularity, participation can be very high and diversified.

In this sense, the company maintains that content creators with few followers can also be peppered with viral videos using cloud-based technology. to allow cross-platform distribution.

One of the highlights of this report is the one that refers to the originality of the content, since 37 percent of the most viewed videos in 2022 did not include any type of modification. This indicates that, before uploading it to the platforms, Neither their images nor their audios were edited.

However, Sony qualifies that ‘non-original’ content in the form of old videos was also very popular because “they captured the mood of the moment” in which the spectators saw it, according to a press release sent to Europa Press.

Emotion and knowledge are two of the details that cause the greatest interest among users. So much so that 47 percent of the highly engaged videos had one or more aspects in common: allowed to relive moments poignant, critically delving into a particular event in terms of what was said and who did it or provided an explanation of the facts through points of view with which the public identified.

In this way, it is shown that viewers continue to demand to consume news “in its purest format”, but that, “to maintain credibility and public trust, broadcast media publishers will need tools designed to enable instant processing of video,” said Clothilde Redfern, president of the journalist support organization Rory Peck Trust.

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