40 babies found murdered and decapitated in a kibbutz attacked by Hamas

Israeli authorities have allowed the press to visit one of the scenes of the horror experienced in Israel last Saturday: after it emerged that Hamas terrorists killed almost 300 people at a peace festival, this Tuesday they learned the atrocities committed against the families living in the Kfar Aza kibbutz.

After destroying the terrorists who arrived there and other towns in the area, very close to the border with Gaza, and securing the territory, the Israeli military is entering the homes that were attacked, some of them also set on fire. They are finding dozens of bodies, entire families including women and children. In a chilling testimony, journalists who witnessed the work explain that they have found the bodies of 40 murdered babiessome of them decapitated while they slept.

The press has been authorized today to go to the area amid enormous security measures and assist the work of the military in extracting the bodies from the homes. According to a reporter, The soldiers cannot find words to describe what they are seeing.: “Families murdered in their beds, babies decapitated (…) They say they have never experienced anything like this.”

“This is not a war, it is not a battlefield. This is a massacre, it is terrorism,” General Itai Veruv told reporters, explaining that “he had never seen anything like this in his life. It is something that we imagined what our grandparents told us about the pogroms in Europe. But not something that has happened in recent history“.

“The doors of the houses are open and the bodies are still inside,” says the journalist in a chilling testimony of what is seen in the Israeli town and in which she recounts how dozens of terrorists came to the town from nearby Gaza armed with “grenades.” , knives” to murder civilians in their own homes.

Massacre at Be’eri Kibbutz

On the other hand, Israeli media add new information about what happened in another kibbutz, Be’eri, based on testimonies from survivors. Up to ninety terrorists entered the town around seven in the morning and acted in the same way: killing or kidnapping civilians in their own homes. According to some survivors, they burned the homes where they were unable to enter.

The witnesses cited by newspapers as Times of Israel They talk about the murder of entire families including pets, and desecration of bodies, as well as kidnappings of children after killing their parents. In the town, with just over 1,200 inhabitants, more than one hundred bodies were found on Monday.

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