20.78 KM National Highway is being prepared every day in the country, know how many kilometers have been constructed till October

Photo: PIXABAY The main objective of Bharatmala Project is to improve the condition of roads in the country.

The speed of construction of national highways in the country was 20.78 kilometers per day during the first seven months of the current financial year. This information is given in official figures. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways plans to maintain the pace of highway development and build 12,500 km of highways in 2023-24. The ministry, in its monthly report for the month of October prepared for the Cabinet, has said that projects of 2,595 km were allotted during this period. Whereas during the same period last year it was 5,007 kilometers.

How many national highways will be built by October?

According to the news, the ministry has constructed 4,474 km of national highways by October in 2023-24. In the last financial year till October this figure was 4,060 kilometers. According to language news, the ministry constructed 10,237 km of national highways in the financial year 2019-20, 13,327 km in 2020-21 and 10,457 km in 2021-22.

Target of 34,800 km National Highway Corridor

The report said that if the target of project allocation for this year is to be met, then a decision on the proposal for approval of the revised Bharatmala Phase-1 or alternative program should be taken expeditiously. The reduction in project allotment this year will affect the pace of construction in the next financial year. The Bharatmala project is the largest highway infrastructure program in the country. Under this, the target is to develop 34,800 km national highway corridor with an investment of Rs 5.35 lakh crore.

550 districts will be connected to the National Highway

550 districts across the country will be connected to the Bharatmala project. At present only about 300 districts are connected to the National Highway. The main objective of Bharatmala Project is to improve the condition of roads in the country. It will introduce the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of the country. It is a parameter that helps in identifying the challenges and opportunities faced with respect to trade and logistics.

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