13 days kidnapped: the story of the children of a Mexican mayoress

The two sons of a mayoress Mexican were kidnapped, after being accused of stealing public money. Fernando José López, 24, and Luis Armando López, 21, they were captive thirteen days in the community of Oximan, in the municipality of Mitonic, Chiapas.

The captors accused the mayoress Ling Mendez and her husband Fernando Lopez Lopez, president of Usos y Costumbres, of having taken 5.5 million pesos in cash. In addition to the mayoress’s children, on August 13 The treasurer of the municipality, Erasto Velasco Velázquez, was also kidnapped.

Fernando José López, 24, and Luis Armando López, 21, already released and with their parents

Due to the retention of the three people, the Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation to find those responsible. In the liberation, authorities from Mitontic participated, who they took the money that the kidnappers demandedprovided by the Ministry of Finance.

Fernando López López pointed out that they were 5,570,290 pesos those who they were “lost” to the treasurer municipal. Public money from Mitontic, one of the poorest municipalities in Mexico, was going to be used to public works in tzotzil communities.

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The treasurer denounced that he was assaulted when he was taking the resources to the original community. However, he transcended that the official he had refused to be accompanied by police officers state at the time of withdrawal of money from a bank branch.

The kidnapping of the treasurer and the López

Erasto Velasco Velázquez was detained from the August 9 by community residents, after it became known that he reported the alleged theft of money. In the early morning of August 13the young children of the mayoress and the president of Usos y Costumbres were kidnapped from a home in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood.

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On August 15, a video circulated in which the López brothers could be observed blindfolded and tiedwhile hooded men tortured them and They asked if their father had the moneyto which one of them answered yes, between expressions of pain.

In another video, one of the sons was recorded speaking on the phone with his father in the Tzotzil language, in which he requested: “The money that you went to collect, when on the road you went to intercept the treasurer, better that you come to deliver and return the money ”. “It is the only thing that the people of the Oxinam community want, it is no longer fair that we are here, come and return it now or tomorrow”, the young man asked.

The youngest brother, Luis Armando López, added: “Yes, that’s right, dad. There’s the money. When you go to intercept the treasurer on the road, you better come and give it back along with your accountant. Poor people, it’s not fair.”

Later, Fernando López López assured that his children had been forced to make these statements. “They are forcing them because they have them pointing a gun. They are forcing them to say that we went, but no, it is not like that”, assured the official in an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

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In statements to the press, López López gave “thanks to God” for the release of his young children. “I am very happy with his mother, because of course we cried a lot for being fathers and mothers for the disappearance of our children,” he said.


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